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標題: 3. Voice your opinions [打印本頁]

作者: cheap382    時間: 2012-5-12 01:03     標題: 3. Voice your opinions

what exactly is blogging? blog is the widely used term that refers to web log. basically,coach online outlet, a blog is an online journal. a blog could be set up to no cost at all,coach factory outlet online, and can be used for just for the fun of it or for business reasons.
blogging for your internet business is a great failsafe way to boost the profile of your products and services. here are just a few ways to boost your internet advertising with some blogging help.
1. keep your clients or customers up to date with new items on your website. announce any new products and services through your blog.
2. keep track of your business plans through open writing. easily stored,coach factory, your blog content can be easily accessed by anyone searching through the archives via the web.
3. voice your opinions,coach factory online, advice or reviews on whatever specific services or products related to your business. this is a very easy process when blogging.
4. include links that will get back links and thereby improve your ranking on search engines. another way to do this would be by writing articles and putting them on your website. include affiliate links and google adsense in your blog to earn extra income.
5. use your blog to collate responses through the comments from your blog readers. through this feedback you can gain useful information on how to improve your services and products.
6. blogs are an easy way to get other sites and blogs linking to you. if you have a good blog with decent content other bloggers will add your blog link to their favourites list thereby giving you a one way link to your blog.
to set up a blog you can either get a free blog from a blogging hosting service such as or wordpress or set up your own blog through a web hosting company. the advantage of doing it through a web hosting company is that it will be your domain name and not someone elses.
a word of warning! - has been known to delete some blogs so it may be a safer alternative to host your own blog through your web host especially if it is to help drive traffic to your website.
if you're just starting out then and wordpress have excellent step by step tutorials to guide you through setting up your blog.

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